Peak District National Park & Moors For The Future


A great example of helicopters being put to good use, utilising their speed & flexibility.


The Peak District National Park and the Moors For The Future Partnership have been working for over a decade to restore The Peaks and surrounding areas to their former glory, reversing 200 years of damage & decay by the industrial revolution, weather and fire.


With Kinder Scout rising to some 2000ft above sea level, and many a 1000ft elevation change in under 1km lateral distance, there really is little option for the partnership to bring in the required materials, other than by air.


We started working with AH Helicopter Services Ltd and this team back in January 2013, bringing the speed, flexibility and precision of the Hughes 500 in to play, providing more accurate distribution of materials on terrain that is often hard to walk across, let alone move 130Kg bags of heather brash.


The work featured in an episode of the documentary Earthrise, which gives you a brief insight into the work undertaken.


(Don't forget to select 720p from the Youtube settings icon, to maximise viewing definition!)