Flight Training & Type-Ratings

Aerial Filming, Photography & Surveys

Working with our training partner, AH Helicopter Services Ltd, we can help you achieve your dream of obtaining your PPL(H), using the Schweitzer S300.

All training takes place out of Dunkeswell Airfield, near Honition, in a friendly & relaxed atmosphere.

If you already hold a rotary licence, we can also convert you on to the Schweitzer, or Hu369 (Hughes 500) derivatives.

Whether it be your home, business premises, roadways or waterways, an aerial survey provides a comprehensive and unrivalled way to assess or capture features that could easily go unnoticed from ground-level.

Video-capture or still pictures can also provide the ideal medium to assess progressive changes to the environment under consideration.

Charter & Sight-seeing Services

Other Services

If you're visiting the area, we can assist planning your scenic tour or charter - we know the area well, the spots worth visiting, and the helicopter-friendly hotels & pubs that will welcome you and your passengers with some of the best local fare!

If you would simply rather sit back and enjoy the view with your family and friends, then we can also provide pilot services, so you're better able to enjoy all that the local establishments have to offer (within reason, please!)

Should you be visiting for business, and would rather concentrate on your work engagement, then why not let us assist with the flight planning, and even do some (or all) of the flying for you?

We are able to offer a host of other services, including:

  • Aerial Filming & Photography - one of our partnered professionals will work with you to define an exact brief before we get airborne to minimise aircraft time on task - and therefore costs incurred by you. Due to our experience, we also hold a standing exemption for low-level flight operations.

  • Fire-suppression & support - aerial water-dropping capabilities; we can also provide an aerial platform for observation & control, crew deployment and material transfer.

  • Load-lifting - from peat-bog stabilisation to track reinstatement, we can lift loads of up to 700kg in areas that conventional lifting equipment and transport could not reach, or would damage whilst trying to do so. Work undertaken with Brecon National Park reduced transport times from circa 3 weeks, to 3 days.

  • Transfer services - we can help arrange collection from regional airports to fly you directly to your holiday or business venue.

  • Contract pilot service - if you have access to your own machine but want somebody to take care of the planning & flying duties, we can help. Or we can provide a safety pilot, just in case you want a guiding hand when going somewhere new! All pilots will be CPL(H) and FI(H) rated.

  • Drone filming & photography services via our preferred partner.

Professional Helicopter Services. 

All photographs on this website remain the property of GH Aviation or AH Helicopter Services, unless otherwise accredited. Any subsequent use of these photographs, in part or whole, is agreement to the purchase terms of our library photos.

Many photographs provided courtesy of Dartmouth Photography and Heritage Media TV; Gary Connery's wingsuit Jump is courtesy of Mark Sutton.