Junglies Farewell Tour


Monday 21st March 2016 marked the last offical flight of the Mk4 "Junglie" Sea King in service with the Royal Navy.


We were extremely proud to be up alongside the flight of five "Junglies" as they toured some of their old haunts around the southwest.


Awaiting their arrival just east of Exmouth, we were then able to track them overhead CTC Lympstone and across to BRNC Dartmouth.


The film clip was shot with a non-gyro 4k camera, doors-off - having to leap-frog the flight meant we were, at times, travelling a little faster than we'd ordinarily like for aerial filming, but it proved to be a fantastic sight regardless.


We were also pleased to capture some footage of the Merlin camera-ship that was filming their entire flight..... we didn't want the new chap to feel left out!